Mommy works late at night and doesn’t get home till almost midnight. When she gets home the first thing she does is give us our food and tell us what sweet kitties we are. She didn’t do that last night.

We were confused and walking in circles because the first thing she did was take off her coat and grab….the phone book!!

She called someone and talked a minute, then hung up looking really upset. She told Daddy she was calling 9-1-1….. She did that, and after she talked to someone at 9-1-1 she seemed calmer and told Daddy and us what was wrong.

On her way home Mommy had passed an older lady wandering along the road. She only had on a thin dress (or nightgown) and light sweater. She may have had slippers but looked like she was barefoot, Mommy said.

There are two nursing homes along the road where Mommy saw the lady. They are side by side, a few hundred yards apart. The lady was way beyond their outdoor lights, and near a creek that is very full of water because of recent rain.

Since it was very dark and very cold (29 degrees), Mommy was afraid that she could freeze to death, be hit by a car, or fall in the creek and drown.

The call to one of the nursing homes made Mommy mad because they said they would do a “bed check” when she had told them the lady was at the edge of the road already. The call to the police was better. The dispatcher told Mommy they would send someone over there to check it out and make sure the lady was OK.

When our Mommy’s mother got old and had something called dementia, she would wander off from home. We think that made Mommy even more scared and worried about the old lady last night.

We and Mommy and Daddy hope she is OK and that they got her back inside where she belonged. It was too cold out there for anyone to be wandering around last night.

Oh, and after she talked to 9-1-1, Mommy FINALLY gave us our kitty food and told us what sweet kitties we are.

Purrs ~ Amber


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  1. Hi, Amber, thanks for telling us about the old lady. We hope she’s OK too. We’d be mad too if they just did a bed check. It’s hard to figure humans out sometimes.

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