Wet Wednesday

TIGGER: Wow, Amber, look at all the water in the back yard! Where did it come from?


AMBER: Tigger, did you not hear and see all the rain that fell for 2 days???

TIGGER: Well, I do nap a lot, you know that.


Where’s Mommy going with the mop and bucket?

MAGGIE MAE: I’ll look……


You won’t believe it!!! There’s water downstairs!! It came in around the door. Mommy is cleaning it up. Mama Cat is supervising.


MAMA: Be sure to get it all. I don’t like getting my paws wet!


AMBER: Oh no! Water in the house!!!! That’s scary!!!

PRECIOUS: It doesn’t bother me. I’m just gona sit on Daddy’s head till Mommy gets it all cleaned up.



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One response to “Wet Wednesday

  1. I so loved this and the snow flakes? unique. The photos and narration with each was very enjoyable. I miss having my own home where I had several cats. Things change in apartment life. I hope you don’t have anymore water in the house cuz Mama doesn’t like her paws wet…..lol

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