ManCat Monday–Thomas T.


Nine years ago I was dropped out in the neighborhood by my first owners. I was about 1 or 2 years old. I wandered the neighborhood for several weeks. I started hanging around Miss Judy’s a lot because she was always home. She fed me, so I didn’t get run down and sick.

Miss Judy had 10 cats she had taken in. She was like our Mommy and couldn’t tell a kitty “no” when it needed a home.

Miss Judy’s husband, David, had told her that 10 cats were enough! She couldn’t have any more. So when I was hanging around she told him that I belonged to Mommy.


One day our Daddy was walking Jay Jay (he was just a puppy) and stopped to talk to Miss Judy. I was winding around their legs, meowing and being cute. Miss Judy told Daddy that I was a stray, but that she had told David I was one of Mommy’s cats. She said David had put his foot down: no more cats!.

When they were done talking about stuff, my Daddy turned to leave and said to me, “come on Tom, lets go home”. So, like a good tomcat, I walked beside him all the way to the cottage. When Mommy got home I was on the porch. Daddy told her she had another cat, and that I answered to “Tom”.

I was young and the other Shady Hollow Cats at the time were lots older than me. I liked to run and play and tease the older cats. That’s where the “T” in my name comes from. It stands for“Trouble”.


I still try to boss the other cats, but they don’t take me seriously.

My favorite thing to do is sit and stare at Daddy. It drives him nuts trying to figure out what I want. I just want him to know how much I love him. I think he knows that.

My other favorite thing is to be in Mommy’s lap. I’m in it now, even though she says it makes it hard to take dictation and type when I’m in the way.

Thanks for taking time to read about me on Mancat Monday. I think I’ll go and stare at Daddy awhile. He looks bored.

Purrs ~ Thomas T. Tomcat



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2 responses to “ManCat Monday–Thomas T.

  1. Anne Seay

    Tom, you couldn’t landed at a better place……so glad you’ve got loving parents to take care of you! Hope you and all the other lucky animals have a wonderful holiday season!!

  2. Tom, You sure got a good forever home and I enjoyed reading about how you came to live with your new parents. It is fun just to stare at our humans. Mom asks me ‘what’s on your mind?’ And sometimes I wink at her and she likes that and winks back. I am also a rescue cat, so blessed.

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