Thankful at the Cathouse

By Amber

We kitties want to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving.

Mommy says it’s a day set aside to thank God for all the things He has blessed us with. That made us all stop to think. Sometimes we forget how our lives were before we came to Shady Hollow to live in the cottage with Mommy and Daddy.

Lisa would probably have been took to the animal shelter if Mommy hadn’t said she would take both Lisa and Lucy all those years ago. Their family couldn’t keep all of them and nobody wanted kittens. Nobody but Mommy.

Thomas T was set out to fend for himself. Miss Judy and Mommy knew he was a “drop-out”. Judy’s husband had said she couldn’t have anymore cats. She already had taken in ten strays. When she told Daddy that, he told Thomas to come on home to Shady Hollow.

Mama Cat belonged to an abusive person who just didn’t want her anymore. She asked our Mommy to cat-sit and never came back. Mommy has taken care of Mama Cat ever since. That was four years ago. Mama is glad to be here.

Precious was abandoned behind where our Mommy works. She has a crippled foot and couldn’t make it on her own. Mommy saw her and fed her for months before she trusted Mommy enough to come to Shady Hollow. She was pregnant when she finally came to Mommy. Our Mommy could have had her spayed then and not given us a chance, but she didn’t spay Precious till we were born and weaned.  We kittens wouldn’t have had a chance if Mommy had not brought our Mama Precious home and let us live.

Tigger, Mikey, Maggie Mae and me – Amber – are very thankful to be alive and to have been born at Shady Hollow. Our sister, Amy, crossed the Rainbow Bridge last month, but she ruled the roost and lived a good life until her heart just gave out. She was glad to live here, too.

Tennyson was abandoned about this time last year and lived on what he could catch and scraps people threw out for months. He had been a house cat and life was rough for him. He was sick and starving when he got up the nerve to come ask Mommy and Daddy for help. After medicine and lots of love he got better and is very thankful to be a house cat again.

Sugar and Spicy were only four or five weeks old last summer when someone set them out. They hid under a bush until Spicy got up the nerve to find help. She saw Mommy walking Jay Jay and made her move, running down the hot road meowing her heart out. Mommy found her and then looked to see if there were more abandoned kitties. She found Sugar and brought her home too.

We kitties have a lot to be thankful for. Mommy and Daddy say they do too, and that being able to take care of us kitties is just one of many things they thank God for each day.

We wish each and every one of you a Happy Thanksgiving and a joyous holiday season in the days to come.

Purrs ~ Amber and The Shady Hollow Cats


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  1. It moves my heart to know there is a family like yours with compassion and love for the defenseless.

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