Life Goes On: Exploring The Cottage

TIGGER: Since Amy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I’m no longer afraid to come out of the Timid Cat Room.


TIGGER: Yesterday, Mommy let us out  of our room, and Amber and I spent time getting used to having the entire cottage to explore.


AMBER: We enjoyed ourselves. It was fun to be able to walk around and check things out.


AMBER: I almost got up enough nerve to go down to the basement, but it looked scary down there.


TIGGER: I don’t understand, I used to be able to get in this shelf.


TIGGER: Jay Jay told me it wasn’t that I’d gained weight. He says Mommy keeps putting more and more stuff on those shelves. Whew!!!


TIGGER: Mama Cat “MC” was upstairs, guarding the feeding station. She told me I didn’t need to eat any more!

MAMA: Well, you wouldn’t leave me any if you got started!


AMBER: We had a good time. Daddy petted us and told us how pretty we are. We also sat in Mommy’s lap at the computer. It was fun.

Lisa was also out checking everything out. Mommy let her write about her adventures yesterday.

Purrs ~ Amber, Tigger and Mama


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