Feeling Better

By Lisa


You all know I’ve got cancer and have been feeling bad. Since I’ve been taking my medicine I got from Dr. Kevin, I’ve started feeling better.

I don’t like taking the pill, but I only have to take one a day. Mommy gives me kitty treats after I take it, so I am getting so I don’t put up a fight anymore.

Today, Mommy decided to leave the door to the Timid Cat Room open so we could come out if we wanted.


I enjoyed getting out and checking out the cottage. I used our old scratching post. (It’s behind me in the picture above.)


Then I checked out the feeding area and the plants Mommy brought in for the winter. (Sugar and Spice have all but destroyed them.)


Then I went to the kitchen.


After that I just wandered around and enjoyed seeing everything. I visited with Daddy and Jay Jay and had a busy day.


Of course, Mommy followed me around taking pictures. I didn’t mind though, I was too busy having a great day.

Thank you all for your prayers. I appreciate them and I know Mommy does too.

Purrs ~ Lisa


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