Amy Is Home At Last

By Tigger


I had to go to Dr. Kevin’s and get a shot for my UTI yesterday. While we were there Debra told Mommy that Amy’s ashes were back. When we left she gave Mommy a pretty bag that had an urn and some papers and cards in it. Mommy put the urn in front of a picture of Amy on a shelf.


She told us to leave it alone and not be trying to get up on the shelf cause there’s not room for us.

I don’t know what the papers were, but Mommy and Daddy cried when they read them. Then Mommy put them in a special place she keeps things that are important to her.

While we all are still sad about Amy passing away, I have to say I am not too sad, cause she always picked on me all the time and…

AMBER: Tigger! How can you say that? She was our sister!

TIGGER: I know she was our sister, Amber, but she was mean to me.

AMBER: Well, she was mean to me, too. I loved her though.

TIGGER: I loved her too, but Amber, she was mean to me more than she was you.

AMBER: No she wasn’t.

TIGGER: Yes she was. Just ask Mommy.

AMBER: Mommmmyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purrs ~ Tigger


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