Boo!!! A Cathouse Halloween Update

By: Amber

First of all, Happy Halloween to everyone. We kitties don’t really like all the strange creatures that come around the cottage on Halloween. Mommy told us not to worry, we were safe as long as she and Daddy were on the job. She always goes to the door and tells them they are cute, and then bribes them to go away with a handful of “treats”. Hmmm, not OUR treats I hope!


Amber, pondering whose treats Mommy is giving away.

It has been a bad month here. We have gotten use to Amy being gone. Well, almost. Mikey still looks for her. Sometimes he calls and looks trying to find her. He doesn’t do it as often now.


Mikey is still sad and looking for Amy…

Tigger is still having trouble with his recurring UTI. He is glued to the litter box today, so will go see Dr. Kevin tomorrow. Poor Tigger. Don’t tell him I put this picture up.


Tigger is really tired of having a chronic UTI.

Lisa is hanging in there. Mommy thinks she has gained a little weight. She spends a lot of her time sleeping. Mommy gave her this really cool robe to cuddle up in and keeps food nearby for her. Tigger and I want a robe like that to sleep on too!


Lisa snuggled up and taking a serious nap on Halloween.

Oops, here comes Tigger…..

TIGGER: Amber!!!! You didn’t put that picture of me in this post!?

AMBER: Well, yes, it illustrates the point.

TIGGER: Illustrates the point? Amber, that’s embarrassing! How could you???

AMBER: Well, Tig, I, uh, I thought it was funny and I…



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One response to “Boo!!! A Cathouse Halloween Update

  1. mandi

    ::: cracking up:: it’s a dam good thing I know you like I do.. or Ms.KoKo and I would be making sure to gather extra duct tape for that white jacket!! !LMAO.. Mommmyyyy..lmao that is precious!!!! Ahhh life without our cats, would be such a boring and mundane thing.. I do not understand how petless people manage!!! LOL

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