Lisa Is Home

By Tigger

Our Mommy brought Lisa home from Dr. Kevin’s Friday. Lisa is very thin, but sure seems to feel better. Amber and I are amazed at how much she is moving around the “Timid Cat Room”. We also noticed that she is eating ALL of her food. She is leaving very little for us to sneak and eat for her; AND she is growling at us when we try to steal it.


Tigger decided to leave Lisa alone

Lisa has to take a pill every day. Ugh! She has never had to take pills before and does not like it! She fights it and Mommy has to catch her and make her take them. Lisa growls at Mommy and puts up a fuss, but she ends up taking the pill. Mommy can be real determined when it comes to making us take our medicine.

Sometimes Mommy lets us out of the Timid Cat Room. Amy bullied we timid/weaker kitties and we felt safer in our room away from her. Now we are getting to explore and visit the other kitties. So far our visits have been pleasant. I even asked to come out yesterday and wandered around the cottage before getting in Mommy’s lap for awhile. Amber asks to come out too. Mommy keeps the door closed now so that Sugar and Spice won’t drive Lisa nuts, not because we are afraid.

I think I am going to see Dr. Kevin tomorrow. Mommy believes my chronic bladder infection is flaring up. I think so too, but I really don’t want to go see Dr. Kevin. He’s nice enough, but sometimes he makes me stay and I don’t want to. I would rather be home! Sometimes I hiss at him to make sure he knows how I feel about being in the hospital. As big as I am, my hisses don’t seem to scare Dr. Kevin. Oh well. I guess he knows I’m just a big cuddly love bug kitty.

Purrs ~ Tigger


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