Comments From The Pet Hospital

By Lisa

I’m at Dr. Kevin’s getting treatment for cancer. I had felt bad for awhile, but tried to hide it from Mommy and Daddy. I didn’t want them to worry. When Amy suddenly got sick and died, the stress made me unable to hide it any longer. Mommy saw how sick I was and took me to Dr. Kevin. He gave me fluids and took blood. The tests showed positive markers for cancer.

He thinks I have intestinal lymphoma. He told Mommy that I might live up to a year, but I might not. I’m an old cat, you see, and age can make things difficult. I am 14 1/2 and that’s getting pretty old for a kitty.

I am being a good girl and taking the shots and will take the pills Mommy will give me when I come home. I love Mommy more than anything and want to make her happy.


Lisa, October 2nd. She loves to sit in box lids.

Just between us though, I won’t mind crossing the Rainbow Bridge. My brother and sisters are all over there waiting for me. My mom-cat is too and my dad-cat. I also have many kitties I have lived with here at the cottage waiting on me.

I saw my sister Lucy’s spirit when she came for Amy. She told me she would come get me soon. I have missed Lucy and will be glad to be with her again. She was my best friend and I’ve been lonely since she crossed the Bridge.

I don’t know if I will write any more posts. I wrote many of them when Mommy started this blog for us. I was the oldest and wisest, you see. Then I started feeling bad and Mommy said Amy could write the blog. Now Amy is gone and I don’t feel like it. I suppose one of the younger cats will write it, or they can share. We all share a lot here at the cottage. We get along good like that.

I know many of you are praying for me, Mommy told me so. I want to thank you. I appreciate it and I know Mommy does too. Thank you for the prayers, candles and everything. I love you all.

Purrs ~ Lisa



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2 responses to “Comments From The Pet Hospital

  1. Mandi

    ::as I wipe the tears from my eyes.. I hear the little voice I know is yours. I can see your bright eyes shinning as they always have, when you and sister Lucy were just little kitties there.. at the Cottage you made a home, from the neighbor’s yard, you sure have grown…into a lady of pur delight.

    I know your path is coming to a close, your journey here with us long and true, your love and devotion to your mama and daddy, and acceptance of all the humans as we came and went.. your life dear Lisa, has been a blessing sent.

    As you fight this battle of the ills that have fallen upon you, know in your heart of hearts and your kitty soul.. that the rainbow bridge holds kitties of gold.. to stay with you and keep you close..until that time in the future to come.. your mommy and daddy join you all there.. to play and climb and to be wild and unwind.. the stings of life you have wound up tight.. this road your on has been traveled by many.. but non as purfectly precious as you, Our Dear Lady Lisa!!

    Luv your human Sissta… M

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