The Day After

By Jay Jay Dog


We are sad. Our Mommy and Daddy are sad. Mommy is the worst. She says she is “trying to pull herself together” cause she has to go to work today.

Some of the people at Mommy’s work laugh at her because she loves all of us so much.  They can’t understand why one of us being sick upsets her so much. I think humans are cruel sometimes.

My kitty-sister Amy crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Her heart was enlarged and just gave out. Dr. Kevin did all he could, but he couldn’t save her. There was nothing that could have been done to stop it from happening. It was a problem Amy was born with, Dr. Kevin told Mommy and Daddy.

Mommy cried and cried last night. The kitties got on the bed with her and tried to comfort her. Tigger head-butted her, Amber licked her face, Lisa treaded in her hair on the pillow and purred in her ear. They all got up real close and let her know they love her very much. I had loved on Mommy before we went to bed and tried to show her I understood. I miss Amy too. We all miss her.

We all tried to stay close to Mommy yesterday, and we are this morning too. We want her to be OK so she can take care of us and Daddy.

I’m old enough to have seen this before with Squeekie, Ellie, Sammy, Pretty, and Lucy. I know in a day or so Mommy will be laughing at us and our antics again. When one of us leaves Mommy to cross the Rainbow Bridge it takes her awhile to recover. She loves us that much.

Once we get used to Amy being gone, the cats will elect a new “boss-cat” and I will make sure they remember that I am really the one in charge.

Mommy will update the In Memory Of page on our site in a while. She just can’t right now.

We are planning some mischief to get into in order to take Mommy’s mind off Amy. If any dog and cats on earth can do that – we can.

Woofs and Wags ~ Jay Jay Dog



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2 responses to “The Day After

  1. Anne Seay

    Praying for comfort and peace in this difficult time………please know she knew how much she was loved.

  2. I am so sad to hear about Amy. And humans can be cruel when they don’t understand how much a fur-baby can mean to us.

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