Waiting for News

By The Kitties Mommy

I’m sitting here, cell phone nearby, waiting for news about Amy. Kevin was at a loss as to what had happened to throw her heart into such a state when I talked to him last night. He asked if she was one to chew power cords, thinking she had received an electrical shock, even though he could find no burn marks. She isn’t.

I guess that’s not impossible, but I think its highly unlikely.

Her brother, Tigger, has a Class 3 heart murmur. I wonder if all of Precious’ kittens have potential heart issues. What about Precious herself? Or if genetic, did it come from their feral father?

Kevin hasn’t called this morning, so I will hold onto hope that Amy made it through the night.

For now, the kitties, Jay Doggie and I are just waiting.


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