Praying for Amy

By The Kitties Mommy

Amy wasn’t hungry last night. She was hiding under the bed, refusing to come out.That was unusual, as Amy is always first in line for food of any kind.

“OK”, I thought, she will really be hungry tomorrow.


She wasn’t, but did eat a few bites. I rushed off to take Hubby for his doctor appointment and got home just in time to go to work.


Just before 6 pm my hubby called my cell to tell me Amy and come into the living room crying with each step as if to move was painful. She collapsed. He called. After hearing this, I hung up on my hubby….and…


I called Dr. Kevin. They were closing in 4 minutes. I explained the situation and how long it would take me to get her to the office. Kevin said they would wait. I made it in record time.


Amy was severely dehydrated. Her temperature was very low. Dr. Kevin carried her back to receive fluids and have tests done. He would call in a little while he said…….


He called almost 2 hours later.

It’s her heart. She may not make it. She is only 3 1/2 years old and has always been healthy and fit.

We are stunned. In shock. Worried. The other kitties and even Jay Jay Dog are subdued tonight.

We are praying for Amy. We want her to stay with us. We already have too many little graves down below the Fairy Tree….

Goddess Bless You, Little Amy. We love you.



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One response to “Praying for Amy

  1. She is beautiful. I will be praying for her.
    We just lost our George a few weeks ago, and he was too young too (6). I really hope she pulls through. Keep us posted 😦

    (George blogged at, the one our current cats use is

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