I’ve Been a BAD Girl. . .

I thought no one would notice. After all, Mommy sometimes doesn’t make up the bed. I thought it would dry out and no one would know.

But, as my luck would have it, Daddy came into the bedroom and before you can say “hair ball” I was found out.

He called Mommy in and told her that “one of the cats puked on the bed and all the sheets are wet.” So the sheets were pulled from the bed to be washed.

I was ashamed. I sat in the corner and hid my face from Mommy and Daddy so they would know I was sorry.


To add to my humiliation, they laughed at me. Then Mommy grabbed the flashy box and took my picture while I was trying to do penance for my evil deed.

Some days it just doesn’t pay to get out of bed!

Purrs ~~ Precious


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One response to “I’ve Been a BAD Girl. . .

  1. Anne Seay

    You are a wonderful mother to all those babies…..God Bless you sweet lady!!!!

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