Two-Cat Vet Visit

Mommy learned that two cat carriers will fit into the backseat of her car. That’s amazing, because Mommy’s car doesn’t look that big.

Tigger was acting like he had another UTI and Tennyson needed a check-up. He had not seen Dr. Kevin before, so was nervous. He told me later that he thought he had done something wrong and was having to leave for good. Now he knows for sure that this is his forever home.

Both boys were well behaved and the visit didn’t take long.

Tigger was afraid he would have to stay overnight again, but he didn’t. Dr. Kevin examined him and gave him another two-week antibiotic shot for his chronic UTI. He is feeling better this morning.

Before giving him his medicine, Dr. Kevin weighed Tigger. He has gained more weight! Now he is at 18 pounds! Tigger is the biggest kitty Mommy has ever had. Even Pretty was never this big!


Tigger relaxes after his vet visit.

Tennyson was a very good boy throughout his check-up. Mommy said he didn’t fuss a bit. Leslie weighed him and when placed on the scale, instead of trying to get away, he laid down.

Tennyson weighed in at a whopping 8 pounds. Mommy thinks he was at about 3 or 4 pounds last winter when he showed up, sick and starving and needing help to survive.

Dr. Kevin gave Tennyson a real good check-up. Poor Tennyson is missing a few teeth, but the ones he has are in fairly good shape. The wheezing Mommy was worried about is a hold over from the cold/pneumonia last winter. His lungs and heart sound good.

Dr. Kevin guessed his age, based on his teeth, at around 10 or 11 years old. Mommy and Daddy are thinking its closer to 11.   That makes Tennyson and Thomas T. the same age.


Tennyson taking it easy after being checked out.

 I’m just glad I haven’t had to go see Dr. Kevin since my spay visit. That was over two years ago now and I still can remember how scary it was to ride in the car and go to a strange place.

Purrs ~~ Amy


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