Two Tabbies Tuesday

Cannon 024

Mikey and Sugar enjoying their naptime

Mommy says I’m doing a good job of being “Uncle Mikey” to Sugar and Spice. Sugar loves me best though. She always looks for me when she gets sleepy and cuddles up real close for her nap.

Today I’m sleeping on top of the blankies. Usually I get under them. I will even beg Mommy or Daddy to hold up a blankie so I can crawl underneath.

Sugar will still nap with me when I’m under the blankie, only then it looks like she is sleeping next to a big lump. Mommy saw me on top the blankie and got out the flashy box (again) and took this picture. I told Sugar to stay still and Mommy would soon stop with the flashing and put the box away.

Purrs ~ Mikey


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One response to “Two Tabbies Tuesday

  1. I like sleeping under the covers too, Mikey. And that was some pretty good advice you gave Sugar about staying still to get the flashy box to go away. I hope it worked!


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