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Two Tabbies Tuesday

Cannon 024

Mikey and Sugar enjoying their naptime

Mommy says I’m doing a good job of being “Uncle Mikey” to Sugar and Spice. Sugar loves me best though. She always looks for me when she gets sleepy and cuddles up real close for her nap.

Today I’m sleeping on top of the blankies. Usually I get under them. I will even beg Mommy or Daddy to hold up a blankie so I can crawl underneath.

Sugar will still nap with me when I’m under the blankie, only then it looks like she is sleeping next to a big lump. Mommy saw me on top the blankie and got out the flashy box (again) and took this picture. I told Sugar to stay still and Mommy would soon stop with the flashing and put the box away.

Purrs ~ Mikey

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I Love Tomatoes

Mommy brought these tomatoes in from the garden.


I hope she doesn’t notice the bite marks I made when I sampled them.

Purrs ~ Mikey

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One More Tigger Update


Tigger doing some stress-eating after his trip to see Dr. Kevin.

Tigger’s medical adventures continue. Two weeks ago he had a stint inserted into his urethra to keep another stricture from happening and causing a blockage. The hope is that the stint will give him time to heal and avoid future blockages.

He had a check-up this morning and everything looks good. The stint will remain in for another week and we hope he will be able to have it removed at that time.

As you can see, his appetite is good. Mommy says she needs to start lifting weights and get stronger for carrying Tigger around. He weighed in at 16 pounds a month ago and Mommy has accused him of gaining more weight.

I have to keep an eye on him, because he will steal my food if I don’t eat it all at once. That’s partly why he is getting fat I think.

Tigger knew this morning that he had to go to see Dr. Kevin. He hid under the bed and Mommy had to move the bed and work really hard to get him to come out.

I got upset too, because I wasn’t sure which one of us she was trying to catch. Let me tell you, I breathed a sigh of relief when she grabbed Tigger instead of me.

Tigger’s health issues are not the only things going on in the CatHouse, but I’ll write about that later. I see Tigger heading for my food dish (again) and have to go chase him off.

Purrs ~ Lisa

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