Calling Dr. Kevin. . .

Tigger has been doing real good. Last night, though, when Mommy came home from work he was hiding under the bed. He didn’t come out to eat when Mommy brought our food. He even hissed at me when I went under the bed to check on him for Mommy.

This set off Mommy’s “sick cat radar.” She didn’t bother Tigger though and let him stay under the bed. There’s not a lot you can do at midnight anyway.

Early this morning, Tigger got on the bed and cried. He woke Mommy up to let her know he feels bad.

So Mommy is up early and we kitties are all up. Tigger is on the bed, feeling bad. Mommy is helping me write the blog. We are waiting for Dr. Kevin’s office to open so we can call him. . . again.

Cannon 005

It means Tigger will probably get another antibiotic shot sometime today.

Poor Tigger. He is fat and his bladder leaks which keeps his behind moist. He can’t reach it to wash himself really good because he is a fat-cat. Even with Mommy helping with baby wipes and wash cloths, he gets skin infections or worse, bladder infections.

Mommy says at least Tigger isn’t sick and having to go see Dr. Kevin every week or two like last year. He actually goes 6 to 8 weeks between trips now. That lets Mommy build up the vet-bill fund a little between visits.

We have all kept Mommy busy taking us to see Dr. Kevin over the last year. Tigger, me (Lisa), Jay Jay, and most recently, Spicy.

And just to  make it interesting:

Jay Jay Dog was sick yesterday. He had eaten something that upset his tummy. Mommy doctored him herself and he felt better last night. She doesn’t like to take him to see Dr. Kevin, because Jay turns into a Tasmanian Devil when he goes to the vet (any vet). It’s a Chihuahua thing.


I’ll post a Tigger Update when we find out something. In the meantime, Mommy says she wants another cup of coffee. . ., no she NEEDS another cup of coffee. I have to go for now.

Purrs ~ Lisa


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