I Caught a Mouse!!!


In fact, I caught two mice! I’m feeling pretty smug about it, too!

When I brought the first mouse to gift my Daddy, he was so proud of me and bragged on me. He showed the mouse to Mommy, and she bragged on me too. They told me what a smart kitty I was (I knew that), and what a good hunter I am (ditto), and then Mommy gave me extra treats.  Cool! So there is payment involved for mouse-catching. All-righty then……

I spent the night in the basement, seeing if another suicidal mouse would dare sneak inside.

I waited and waited, until, finally, one ran across the floor. Ah-ha! Got him!

Mommy and Daddy were asleep, so I laid it next to Daddy’s recliner where he could find it this morning.

Mommy and Daddy were proud of me all over again. I love it! None of the other cats are interested in hunting. I see a bright future in it, if the mice will just keep on slipping inside. I just hope Mommy doesn’t find the hole and have it repaired.

Purrs, Maggie Mae (a.k.a Fearless Huntress)


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