Sick Kittens: Here We Go Again. . .

Well! Those kittens Mommy found came equipped with a “bug” of some kind. Mommy AND Dr. Kevin have never seen anything like it before.

Spicy got sick first and spent two days in Dr.Kevin’s hospital. She had a fever of 105! First she would hold up her right leg and limp really bad when she tried to walk. The next day it would be her left leg. Or both legs would be painful and she wouldn’t try to walk at all.

Cannon 010

At first Mommy thought she had hurt herself. Dr. Kevin couldn’t find an injury, only the fever. So, it was some kind of infection. And it is apparently contagious.

Sugar has it now. She was sick with it this morning when we got up.

Oh Great!!!

First Mommy rescues Tennyson and he gives us all the kitty flu.

Now Mommy has rescued these kittens and they are going to give us. . . well, we don’t know what it is. But it makes a kitty pretty sick from what I’ve seen. I even left my bedroom and went to check out the situation before writing this post. I wanted to see first hand just how sick Sugar is.

Sugar is sick!!

Cannon 013 She is sleeping all the time!

Mommy did get her to eat a little today. She doesn’t seem very hungry and I think she just ate to make Mommy happy.

I heard Mommy say she is calling Dr. Kevin in the morning and get some medicine for Sugar. Until then she is giving Sugar medicine from the bottle Dr. Kevin sent home with Spicy.

I’m keeping an eye on Spicy while Mommy looks after Sugar. Spicy is determined to stay on my bed. I have learned to accept it. She is just a baby.

We older cats are kind of fond of Sugar and Spicy and we want them to get better. It is fun watching them run and chase each other through the cottage. Maybe they will both be well soon.

Maybe we are all too old to catch the mystery disease. I sure hope so.

Purrs, Lisa


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