Where Is Spice?


I have looked everywhere and I can’t find Spice. Mommy says she is at Dr. Kevin’s. I don’t know where that is, so I keep looking.

Spice hurt her leg while Mommy was at work last night. After that she wouldn’t play and she wouldn’t eat. She growled at me this morning when I tried to get her to play and Mommy put me in the bedroom. Later, when Mommy let me out, Spice was nowhere to be found!

So I am looking for her. She is my sissy and I love her. I want her to come play. Every so often I will sit and cry because I can’t find her.

Mommy says she will be home soon. She is waiting for Dr. Kevin to call.

I don’t care about who calls Mommy on the phone thingy; I just want my sissy and will keep looking until I find her.

Purrs, Sugar


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