Rescued Kittens Update

My legs are shredded. I look like I’ve had a serious run-in with either a barbed-wire fence or a briar patch.

You see, Spice climbs my legs each and every time I go into the kitchen. She is very curious and wants to know what I’m doing. Her sister, Sugar, is content to be around my feet. No climbing from her. I am so glad.

After several days filled with hisses from the other cats, things have settled down. Mikey even plays with the kittens at times. Tennyson spent some time showing them the proper way to attack a ball, and Precious came to their defense when Jay Dog growled at them.

MC even showed an interest in playing with them yesterday. That’s a real breakthrough for her. She is so fearful of all the other cats.

Whoever abandoned them out two weeks ago had spent time handling them. They are well adjusted to being with people. We had visitors over the weekend and the kittens showed no fear of strangers and were more than willing to go to them and get petted.

The past two nights they have slept with me. Snuggling right up against me  and purring at the slightest movement. I hope they continue to purr this loud as they mature. The other Shady Hollow Cats purr, but at a low pitch. They are hard to hear. I have so missed the super-loud rumbling purr Pretty Girl blessed us with. Maybe these babies will purr like she did. A definite plus if they do.

They are growing like weeds. Sugar is a bit bigger than Spice. Sugar is a little more laid back while Spice is into everything. I believe the months of their growing to cat adulthood will be interesting and more important, fun.

~~ The Kitties Mommy


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