Spice’s First Post

Cannon 014

My name is Spice. I heard my new human Mommy say that today was the 234th birthday of the United States. I don’t know what that means, since I’m still very young. But from the sound of Mommy’s voice it must be good.

Mommy took this picture of me watching her while she was on the porch. She doesn’t let me or my sister go outside. We are much too little, she says. Amber told us to get used to being inside, because Mommy only lets Thomas and Tennyson (Ten) go out. That’s because they are real big tomcats with experience at being out there.

Amber says the only time the rest of us go out is if Mommy takes us to the vet.

I don’t care. I was outside long enough when my first people dropped me out of their car and drove away. My sister, Sugar, and I were so scared! We tried to stay hidden from the cars and dogs until I finally saw our new Mommy walking Jay Dog. Something whispered in my ear that she would help us, so I meowed as loud as I could and ran to her.

Whatever or whoever whispered in my ear was right. Now we have nice places to sleep and play and plenty of food and fresh water. Our new human Mommy and Daddy pet and play with us and tell us how cute we are.

The other cats hissed at us for a couple of days. Now they even play with us a little. Mommy says that is good because they need the exercise. I think she is right, most of them are on the chubby side.

Sugar and I won’t be getting chubby for a while, Mommy says. That’s because we run all the time, around and around the cottage and up and over the furniture.

My favorite trick is to run up Mommy’s leg and up to her shoulder whenever she is in the kitchen. I want to see what she is doing. I have sat on her shoulder and watched her wash dishes, cook, and prepare our kitty food. I like the kitty food being prepared best, because Sugar and I get the first plate.

I wonder if that’s because we are little or if its to keep me from climbing Mommy’s leg?

Mommy says she is my “personal tree”. She also says “ouch” when I climb her leg and on up to her shoulder. I wonder what that means?

Purrs, Spice


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