Looking Good

Mommy took me to see Dr. Kevin again yesterday. I tried to avoid the trip by getting on top of the highest place I could find, Mommy’s dresser.

It didn’t do me much good. When Mommy decides to take me to the vet she is determined. She put a chair against the dresser and climbed up and pulled me down. No small task either, as I am a BIG kitty,

When we got to Dr. Kevin’s office I didn’t want to come out of my carrier.

Nikon 001

It took a while to convince me. But, Dr. Kevin finally got me out. I was relieved that all he did was take out the stitches in my head where he removed a cyst two weeks ago. Then he looked at my rear end and said the corrective surgery he did there two weeks ago was “looking good”. I got weighed (16 pounds) and then put back in my carrier and Mommy brought me home.

I was so relieved! I could here a noisy dog back in the kennel area. It would not have been a peaceful visit if I had to stay overnight.

I heard Dr. Kevin tell Mommy that he wants to do a little more corrective surgery on my bottom later on. She said OK, I dread that! It means I’ll probably have to stay overnight again. I sure hope there are no noisy dogs there when that happens.

Mommy also told Dr. Kevin that I have been playing with the new kittens. He was pleased too hear that. He wants me to get some exercise and lose some weight and playing with the kittens might help me do that.

I do like to watch and play with the kittens. I’d never seen kittens before and they are extremely interesting.

Thank you all for your prayers, it has been a long year since I first got sick. I and Mommy and Daddy appreciate all the kind thoughts and healing energy.

Purrs to all. ~ Tigger


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