New Arrivals – Thrown-Away Kittens

Nikon 035 Can you tell I am in shock, or at least in disbelief? We all are. You see, yesterday Mommy was walking Jay Dog and found two kittens.

Mommy was walking Jay Dog and heard one of them meowing. It was walking down the middle of the road toward Mommy. She picked it up and brought it in, fed it and put it in the kennel. I heard her tell Daddy that it was too young to have wandered there, someone had “dropped it out”. I don’t know exactly what that means, but it must not be good ‘cause Mommy sounds mad when she says it.

After she got the kitten settled in the kennel, Mommy told Daddy she would be back in a little bit. She said that people like that usually drop out the whole litter.

She left and in a little bit came back and got a can of cat food. There was one more she said, but it was afraid. Soon Mommy was back with another kitten. It was fed and put into the kennel with the other one. Mommy went back and looked some more, but came back without anymore kittens.

Daddy named them Sugar for the silver tabby and Spice for the red tabby. You can see they are little. And they have Mommy and Daddy all wrapped up. Geez!Cannon 2010 033

 Cannon 2010 032

I think Mommy and Daddy like them a lot already.

Nikon 042

Nikon 036

I’ll keep you posted on how this works out. We kitties don’t really mind. But I think that Spice may give me a challenge for Top Cat position someday.

Purrs, Amy





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