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Lisa’s Birthday

IMG_1004I had my 14th birthday on May 15th. Mommy says I was born at Miss Susan’s house, where my mother lived. Miss Susan couldn’t find my mother that day, so she came over and enlisted Mommy’s help to look for her. They knew she was due to give birth and the day was cool and rainy. They were worried.

Mommy says they looked everywhere, even in the woods behind the houses. Just as they were about to give up, Miss Susan’s son came running to tell them he had found our mother and she had 5 kittens! She was in a Mustang in Miss Susan’s garage. We were born in the front floor of that car (Miss Susan’s husband was restoring it at the time). My mother was a lot smarter than Miss Susan or Mommy thought. She knew better to give birth out in the open, in the rain. Of the five of us; only my sister Dicey, who lives with Miss Susan, and I are left. Our mother disappeared before we were a year old.

If you read our blog you know I had to go to the vet and get some teeth pulled recently. My bad teeth had made me very sick. I lost a lot of weight. I can eat now without pain and the infection is gone. I’m not gaining my weight back very fast though, so Mommy worries. Dr. Kevin told her as long as I didn’t start losing weight there was nothing to worry about, but she still does.

I had a good birthday. Mommy fed me my favorite cat food and gave me lots of extra petting and attention. I am the oldest cat, after all.

Purrs to everyone, Lisa.

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Wordless Wednesday – Amber

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