When It Rains…IT POURS!!!

At least it seems to around here.

Lisa had been eating less, but I wasn’t too concerned at first. Older, inactive cats tend to eat less. Then, last weekend she started eating even less than less; and by last Monday she wouldn’t eat at all. She took a real down-hill slide Monday night while I was at work and I came home to an elderly kitty who was at death’s door.

After a tearful night, I took her to our vet first thing Tuesday morning. He ran every test imaginable and all came back in normal range. No kidney failure, no diabetes, no thyroid problems…. but there was infection somewhere.  He determined that she had 5 really bad teeth which were most likely the culprits. Bright and early Wednesday morning he cleaned her teeth and pulled the trouble-makers.

Thursday morning she still refused food, so he force-fed her and kept her another day. She finally ate a little on her own early Friday and I brought her home. Saturday she would eat, small amounts but still more than she had in over a week. I have fed her many small meals in the attempt to get her to gain strength.

She still looks pretty bad. This morning she is not too interested in what I offered her for breakfast. I will try a different food in  a bit.

To top all this off, the other cats have caught the cold that Ten had when he came to the cottage. None have come close to being as sick as he was, but there have been plenty of snotty noses, and drooling kitties over this past week. They are not eating normally either. Of course Ten doesn’t mind. He is well now and cleans up any left overs from the others.


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  1. Oh my! You are most definitely running your own kitty hospital. Praying for all the little kitties! and you, too!
    Love you, andrea

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