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Mommy Decideded I can write the Blog. . . Well, Almost


When we started writing about our lives here, we all took turns. Then Mommy started writing a lot of the posts. We had a meeting and when Mommy came home from work tonight, we told her that we were a bit upset that she had stopped letting us write most of the posts. We told her she could do the updates on ourĀ Facebook Page, but we wanted to write the blog.

Of course, me being the most outgoing (other than Mikey) I elected myself the post writer. I was surprised that some of the other cats (Mikey) opposed that idea. He is my brother, and I love him; but really!

Since I insisted I have a chance to write the blog, Mommy finally said I could write most of the posts; but that I had to give the other kitties a turn whenever they wanted to say something. I said OK, ’cause I can intimidate most of them (except Ten) and make them run and hide.

I’ve been busy keeping the other kitties in check. Ten is the only one who ignores me. Well, my mom, Precious does too. She reminds me that she’s still my mother on occasion.

I don’t see my brother Tigger or sister Amber much anymore. They are in the bedroom with Lisa. They are the timid cats and are the most scared of me. My “bullying” causes Tigger to get bladder infections, Mommy says, so she separated us. He is doing better, but I sure miss scaring him when he is using the littler box. It is such fun!

I’ll be writing more soon. I just have to convince Mikey that his job is to pose for cute ManCat Monday pictures and leave to post writing up to me, and well, Mommy.

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Busy Caturday – Helping Mommie

Mommie was busy today cleaning and doing things all over the house. We all helped as best we could Mommie let me help fold the laundry. I think Idid a good job. Of course Lisa supervised me and made sure I didn’t take too many breaks. But, well, It was Caturday, after all. While I, Tigger, was doing all this hard work; everyone else was taking naps. I just don’t know about them.

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Thirsty Kitty

Mama Cat here. I’ve been sick with the cold that’s been going around the Cathouse. Thomas T. and I have been sickest. We will do OK for a day and feel bad the next day. Yesterday I asked Mommie to turn on the water in the sink for me. I like fresh running water best of all. I told her she could make a little movie of me drinking.

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