The Timid Cats

Mommy says that I (Amber), Lisa and Tigger are her timid cats. We are the ones everyone else loves to pick on by stalking, slaps, and sneak attacks. If we weren’t timid we would slap back or turn it into a play session, instead we get scared and run hide.

Mommy finally decided to isolate us from the other cats for awhile. She put us in her bedroom and closed the door. We have food, water, a litter box of our own. We have Mommy’s computer chair, desk, the dressers to sit on. Best of all we have Mommy’s bed to sleep on. We each have our own space picked out on the bed and get along just fine.

Mommy will let me out if I ask, but when I did the other day, Amy picked on me again. I quickly asked Mommy to let me back into our safe room. I told Lisa and Tigger that Amy is still being a tyrant and bully and we decided that our room is not so bad. After all, it has the two best bird watching windows in the cottage.

Lisa sleeps most of the time. She will be 14 years old in May. Tigger and I are careful not to bother her. We still respect her for her wisdom. As an older cat, she is using our safe room time to tell us about her youth and the other cats who lived here before we were born. We love Lisa. Mommy does too and always treats her special.

Tigger’s bladder problems were made worse by Amy’s habit of constantly ambushing him when he tried to use the litter box. Now he can go in safety whenever he wants. Lisa and I could care less. He doesn’t intrude into our privacy and we respect his.

We “Timid Cats” are enjoying having our own room and are glad Mommy did this for us.

Purrs ~Amber~


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  1. I enjoyed the post and the cats are gorgeous.

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