Hi, I’m Ten

I’m hungry. I’m always hungry because I went so long without regular meals that I almost starved. I was managing though until I got an upper respiratory infection.

I’d been hanging around this house for several months but was too afraid to come when called. I would run away instead. Then I became so sick and weak that I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. I gathered up my courage and walked up to the humans who live here. I knew if they chased me away I would go find a hidden place and quietly die.

So, I pulled myself together, and tried to put my best “aren’t I a cute kitty?” face on and walked up to where they were sitting. I rubbed against the lady’s leg. Of course, the effect was lost when I sneezed a snotty sneeze. “Oh geez,” I thought, “they will surely chase me away now.”

The lady petted me. It was wonderful to be petted again. It had been so long. Then she went inside and brought back a bowl of  dry food and a bowl of water. It was so good and I began to eat in a hurry. I was afraid the food would disappear. The lady went back inside and brought back a dish of canned cat food. Oh, I was in Heaven! It was so good. After I finished eating, she picked me up and petted me. The man petted me too.  Then they put me in the porch rocker. I spent a few days on the porch, eating and sitting in the rocker.

The weather turned cold and windy, so I went back to my den to get out of the wind, but I came back that afternoon. That night it was very cold. When the lady came home from work, she picked me up and brought me inside to the room where I am living now. I heard her say the vet said it was OK as long as I had no contact with the other cats. My cold is very contagious and they might get sick too. The vet gave her some medicine to give me, and although I’m not well yet, I am improving.

I am the tenth cat here. My new name here is “Ten” partly because I am the tenth cat and partly because I am on my tenth life. I like my new name.

The other cats call the lady Mommy, so I think of her that way now. She visits me and always holds me in her lap and pets me. She brings me plenty of food and I have my own litter box. I have a nice bed and a little heater all my own. I had been cold for so long that I stay close to my heater. It feels so good!

I don’t know what the rest of my life will be like, but I think it will be good as long as I stay here. I know that soon I will be going to visit the vet. When he says its OK, Mommy will let me join the rest of the cats. I already know Thomas T. We met when he came outside while I was hiding. He kept telling me it would be OK, just come talk to his Mommy. I wish I had listened to him, maybe I wouldn’t have gotten so sick.

I am feeling better every day and I think I don’t look so skinny anymore. Mommy will keep photo updates on my progress, of course right now I don’t pose very good. I’m either eating or wanting petted, so she says its hard to get a good picture.

Thank you for reading my story. I’m sure Mommy will let me talk to you again soon. Purrs…~ Ten ~


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  1. Eleven

    Can I be # eleven? I don’t eat catfood though. I like Tacos. You only have to let me out at night so I can fly around and find mice my own way. Grey Owl

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