More on “Ten”

Ten decided the wind was too cold on the porch and was missing when we got up Thursday morning. I searched the grounds around the cottage, but he was nowhere to be found.

All day long I mentally beat myself up for not putting him in the downstairs bathroom, away from the other cats, but warm and safe. By the time I went to work I was almost in tears.

Around 4:00 p.m., my husband sent me a text, “Ten is back”. I was overjoyed, for I had feared the worst. Arriving home tonight, I was met at the car by our skinny little foundling. Shortly thereafter he was settled in the downstairs bathroom with wet and dry cat food, a nice big bowl of water, litter box and bed to sleep in. The room is heated, so I’m sure he is warmer now than he’s been in months.

Tigger goes to the vet tomorrow, and I’ll call in the morning to see if they can see Ten also. If not I’ll make him an appointment as soon as they can see him. Once he has a clean bill of health we will begin to integrate him into the group. I see more sabre rattling in our future as the group dynamics changes yet again.

I suppose we DO have room for just one more…


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