Mommy: Mama Cat, what are you doing?

MC: I’m checking out the cabinet, after all, you left the door open a tiny bit. I want to see what’s in here.

Mommy: Get out of there!

MC: Nope, not until I explore around the dishes…

Sound of crashing plates, cups, etc.

Mommy: Mamma Cat!!!!! Get out of there!!!!

MC: OK, OK, I don’t see why you’re upset…there’s nothing in here anyway…


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One response to “Exploring

  1. mandi

    LMAO… we have smilar conversations at my house..

    mama: Ms.Koko.. what are you doing?
    Koko: oh nuffin, just standing here on the TABLE looking out the window..

    mama: Koko, get down.. you know your not suppose to be on the table..

    koko: yeah yeah, i hear ya but i like it here so … pftttttt LMAO

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