How Old Is Your Cat?

We all learn soon enough to figure a dog’s age as 7 human years for each year of a dog’s life. This formula, I recently learned, is not applicable to cats.

A cat ages 16 human years in her first year of life and 4 human years for each year afterwards. Which makes our Lisa, who is 13 1/3 years old by the calendar, 67 years old in human years.

Elderly cats have much the same issues as elderly humans:

  • Gradual decline in auditory sensors
  • Degradation of close-up visual acuity (though distance vision often remains unaffected)
  • Bowel sluggishness and constipation
  • Degradation of liver and kidney function
  • Hair whitening
  • Gradual weight decline and muscle-mass loss
  • Propensity for urinary tract disorders
  • Increased susceptibility to stress
  • Increased sleeping
  • Gradual degradation of mobility and motor skills
  • Lisa is the oldest cat at the Cathouse, followed closely by Mama and Thomas T. All are showing signs of aging. With proper love and care we expect them to be with us well into their, and our, old age.

    ~ Mommy

    Informational link: Catster


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