Nap Buddies

Jay-Jay and I both like to sleep in our Daddy’s lap. Jay is rather jealous of Daddy, but if I get in his lap while Jay is asleep it all works out. Daddy was a bit worried when I decided to lay my paw on Jay’s tummy. He thought it would wake Jay up and he would grrr at me.

I love Jay, but he is old fashion about mixed relationships. He tells me. “Amber, you are a cat and I am a dog“.  Sigh. Well, at least I get a snuggle in when we are napping and he doesn’t know.

Purrrs to all – Amber



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2 responses to “Nap Buddies

  1. Cute post:-) That’s how it was for us when we had cats and dogs — everybody all together — regardless of species! LOL!

  2. Thanks in advance for your kind and generous input.

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