Staying Warm

We know how to handle these cold days.We curl up together in this nice chair and keep each other all snug and warm. Sometimes it me, Maggie Mae, our mother Precious, and Amber; like in this picture. Other times its two or three other kitties. The chair will only hold 3 kitties, we tried to get more in, but couldn’t.

Mommy says it hasn’t gotten this cold for this long in many years. It’s so cold that Thomas T. doesn’t even want to go outside! He is usually at the door early in the morning begging to go out. After a few tries the other day he has given up and just sits in the window instead. He says it is too cold, even for him.

Mommy has to go back to work today, she says. She has been cleaning and straightening up the cottage on her days off. We like to watch, even though we often get in her way. She is always telling us, “Move Kitties!”  She knows we just want to see what kind of thing she my unearth that we can use for a toy.

We intend to stay in our chair or on Mommy’s bed and keep warm. We feel sad that some kitties and doggies don’t have a nice warm cottage to stay in, or beds and chairs, or human laps to curl up on. We pray they can make it through this cold spell ok.

Purrrs, Maggie Mae


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One response to “Staying Warm

  1. Now, that is a chair full of kitties. We are praying with you for all the kitties and doggies who do not share in the love we are so fortunate to receive.

    Woofs and Wags,

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