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Thankful Thursday

I”m thankful for my Daddy’s lap to sleep in. I’m also thankful that Jay-Jay dog didn’t wake up to find my paw on his tummy. He really doesn’t like to cuddle with cats. It’s a dog-thing I suppose.

We are STILL waiting on Mommy to put up our Christmas tree. We are all prepared to knock it over as many times as possible between now and New Years Day. I think that may be why she keeps forgetting to put it up for us…she remembers last year…

Have a puurrrrrfect day!

– Amber

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Mancat Monday – Mikey

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Not Much Snow

By Lisa

We didn’t get the snow we wanted. There was some and we watched it fall. It didn’t make the ground all white and pretty though. That’s OK, because it was Saturday and Mommy was home with us. We “helped” her fold laundry and clean the cottage when we weren’t watching snowflakes.

Sunday a couple of our Mommy and Daddy’s friends came over and visited with us. They talked to us and told us what pretty kitties we are. It is so nice to be told how sweet we are by someone other than Mommy and Daddy. They are supposed to think we are cute.

We were all good while our visitors were here. Well, almost. Amy was trying to get petted and knocked a lamp off the table. Except for that we were good. Mommy still hasn’t put up our Christmas Tree! We all wanted our pictures made with it, so she better hurry!

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Mommy has enabled a feature that will let it “snow” on our blog from now till early January. I think that’s cool. It is supposed to snow here today, but so far we have only seen a little rain. We all follow Mommy to the door and check ever so often.

Tigger felt real bad again earlier this week. Mommy was worried. He has been back to normal the last two days.

We are excited today because Mommy is putting up the Christmas tree. We love to help her do things like that. Of course we will fight over who gets to play in the box when she takes the tree out. I promise to make Mommy post some pictures of us and the Christmas Tree.

Gotta go now and help her check to see if it is snowing yet.

Bye, Lisa

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Miss Sabrina

Our Mommy told us tonight that our kitty cousin, Miss Sabrina, had crossed the veil to be with the Goddess Bastet. We never met Miss Sabrina, but we know that in only a few months she had stolen our human Aunt Mandi’s heart.

We all send Aunt Mandi this rose in honor of Miss Sabrina’s memory and the love she and Aunt Mandi shared.

I have grieved and watched my Mommy grieve over several Kitties and a doggie that had to leave for their last journey. We know how Aunt Mandi and her other kitty, Miss Koko, feel and send them much love and purrs.

Lisa and the Cathouse Family

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Teasing Tuesday

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