Feeling Better

I had to go back to see Dr. Kevin yesterday. I tried hiding from Mommy so that I wouldn’t have to go, but she found me. I tried to run, but she caught me and put me in the carrier.

I was afraid I would have to stay there. Mommy kept telling me during the drive that I would be coming home. I didn’t believe her though because almost every time I’ve gone to the vet, I have had to stay for days. (It always seems like forever.)

Dr. Kevin checked me over really good, weighed me, and gave me another shot of antibiotics. Then he petted me and told me what a good boy I am and put me back in my carrier. I did get to come home with Mommy! On the same day! I was so glad.

My thanks to all the kitties, doggies, and their human parents who have been praying and lighting candles for me; thanks to your prayers and Dr. Kevin and my Mommy refusing to give up on me, I just may get well. Finally!

Purrrrrs and meows to all…………Tigger

Mommy’s note: When Tigger first got sick, he was a 15 pound armful. Two weeks ago he had lost down to 11.2 pounds and was very sick. We almost lost him thanks to a very persistent urinary tract infection. Yesterday his weight was back up to 13 pounds. He is alert, eating better than in months, and playing again. We are hopeful he has turned the corner. Add my thanks to Tigger’s for all your prayers and concern.


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  1. Praising GOD for answered prayers. I am so thankful to hear Tigger is doing better. He sure has endured a tough go of it….
    Big hugs from The Zoo and I!

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