Mommy to the Rescue

I am getting sick and tired of Amy picking on me. She has been picking on Tigger, too. Mommy caught her picking on Tigger a little while ago and just now she caught her picking on me and stepped in. Amy didn’t know Mommy would “pop” her rump that hard for cornering me in the kitchen . . . but she does now!

Amy is trying to set herself up as dominate cat. I have always been the dominate female, quick to slap and let the rest know who is boss-cat. But I am getting old (13 ½ now) and really just want to be left alone.

The past few days the cottage has been home to cat-screams and yowls, chases, and other things our Mommy calls “saber rattling” while we work out the change of leadership. Right now the chief contenders for boss-cat are Amy and Maggie Mae. I wish they’d fight each other and leave us out of it.

I, Lisa, just want to be left alone. I want the young cats to make their pecking order clear to each other and shut-up! Mommy wants them to leave me and Tigger alone. Neither of us needs the stress, she says.

I don’t think she and daddy like being woke up in the middle of the night by the cat-fights either.

Mommy told them just now that they were going to have to fight it out in the basement if they weren’t careful. I think that is an outstanding idea!

Purrs your way, Lisa


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One response to “Mommy to the Rescue

  1. Sounds like mommie has “had it” and those guys are going to be banished to the dungeon til they get things worked out.
    My mom gets cranky when we try to change the order of things. She is quick to let us know she (mommie) is still alpha dog/cat in this house!
    Lisa, I sure hope you and tigger get some rest. I am not that old, but after three surgeries, I have arthritis and don’t like any of that foolishness, either.
    Woofs and Wags,

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