Mama’s Take On Things

My human parents have started calling me Miss Leaps-Alot because of my love of high places. Mommy told her friend that she never knows when she looks toward the kitchen whether or not she will see me in mid-air, leaping from one cabinet-top to another.

I’m afraid of the other cats, you see. I did not live with other cats until I came to The Cathouse 3 years ago. They know I am afraid and some (Maggie Mae mainly) bully me a bit.

I can hold my own in an argument, but I rather avoid conflict. So, I stay on my high places most of the time. I like looking down on the other cats!

Tigger is still feeling better. He even got on the kitchen counter this evening! He isn’t staying hidden away anymore and looks better, too. We all hope he is getting well. We think Mommy is ignoring us to pay attention to Tigger sometimes.

Mommy has to pay attention to me. Every morning these days, I am sitting right next to her coffee pot when she gets up to make coffee. I hiss and growl and put on a ferocious show while she makes coffee. Doesn’t she know she is supposed to feed me first?

I just wanted to say hello while the other cats were napping. Take care!!!

~~Mama Cat

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