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Man Cat Monday

IMG_0462Man Cat Thomas, just being Himself.

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Tigger and His Issues

Tigger’s idiopathic sterile¬†cystitis is acting up again. I am trying to decide whether to call his vet in the morning or just work on switching him over to wet cat food and waiting awhile. I feel so sorry for him. It is obvious he is in pain and can’t get comfortable.

Stress plays a major part in this and I laughed when his vet told me to reduce his stress levels. He lives at the Cathouse, after all and with all these furry babies, there is more than enough stress to go around.

If you are reading this, say a little prayer for my fur baby Tigger. He could use a little otherworldly intervention tonight.

— The Cathouse Mommy


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Monday Update

It has been peaceful here. We kitties have been busy sitting in windows watching leaves fall. They are not falling as fast now. I think they are almost all on the ground outside, waiting for Mommy to rake them up.

It was warm enough outside for Mommy to open all the windows yesterday. We loved that and sat in the windows all afternoon.

There hasn’t been much going on. After all the worry with Tigger all summer, Mommy says that is¬†a good thing. Tigger is doing much better now.

Our human Aunt has been having some sickness problems with our kitty cousins. Maybe the sick kitty bug has moved to her house. We are sorry for the kitties, but are glad we are all feeling ok.

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