Heap Up Our Food – Do You hear Us Now?

Mommy is messing with the computer again. We have told her that the food in the cat food dish is not heaped up, but she ignores us. She said, “You have food.” Sure, we have food, but it is not heaped up. We like it to be piled high in the bowl. It’s better that way.

It is pouring rain outside, so the chipmunks and squirrels are nowhere to be seen. There’s nothing to do but sleep. (Yawn) Guess I’ll take a nap and wait for Mommy to get off the computer and heap up the cat food dish.

Purrrs, Lisa



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2 responses to “Heap Up Our Food – Do You hear Us Now?

  1. Maybe mommie is sneaking in a diet via the computer.

    My kitty brother, Sox and sister, Lucy are on kitty diets and they are less than thrilled about it.

    Woofs and Wags,


  2. We like our bowls heeped up too but that won’t stop us from eating it all anyway! Thanks for stopping by our blog. Mom also has a WNC blog at htt:wncmountainliving.blogspot.com. Come visit and maybe we are near you!

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