Mommy Has Been Working On Our Page

Mommy has been doing some work on our blog. She put our pictures down the right side. She put mine at the top as the main author of the blog. I’m happy about that. I AM the OLDEST and am glad to get the respect I deserve. I know that makes me sound a little bit uppity, but I put up with all the young cats running all over the place, so I think it is neat that Mommy lets me talk about them.

Tigger got sick again and had to spend the night at All Saint’s Animal Hospital. He is home now, but still doesn’t feel real good. The doctor gives him shots of antibiotic that last two weeks. That means Mommy doesn’t have to chase him down to give him medicine. We sure miss those chases, it was fun to watch. Mommy always caught him, but it was a good show for us. Mikey and Thomas made bets on whether or not she would catch him. They bet cat treats, Mommy doesn’t let us have money.

Mommy and Daddy don’t feel good today. They say that the weather has made their arthritis act up. I can relate, at 13 ½ I have arthritis, too. I’m not moving real fast today either.

We found out where the catnip is hidden. Mommy put it inside the pantry with our food. Now we have to figure out how to open the pantry door. Last night we had our first meeting to try to come up with a solution. We will meet again tonight, but so far we don’t have any good ideas.

We all wish you a fun weekend. Purrs to all.~~ Lisa



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2 responses to “Mommy Has Been Working On Our Page

  1. I am sure you will figure out how to get the cabinet door open if you all work together. I love your blog and I wish I could figure out how to make it feed to my blogger page so I know when mommie updates it.
    Hope tigger feels better, soon!

  2. walksalone

    Mommy wishes it would feed to blogger too. she may email you if she figures it out.

    Purrs, Lisa

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