By Lisa

Mamma Cat is very slim and trim and likes high places. None of the rest of us climbs as high or as often as Mama. Mama was climbing around on high places the other night and discovered that she could leap from the top of the kitchen cabinets to the top of the refrigerator. That wouldn’t have been a big deal at any other house. However, since we kitties do not climb, our human mommy was using the top of the refrigerator to store our catnip.

If you are thinking about the stuff you buy in the store for your cat(s), you are wrong. Our mommy gardens and grows our catnip herself. She cuts it and hangs it high from the exposed beam in the dining room to dry. It drives us crazy when it’s drying because it smells so good! Nothing is as good as home-grown catnip!

Mama Cat did not set out looking for catnip. It was just there, alone with some other bags of herbs Mommy had put out of our reach. With great effort on her part, Mama Cat dragged the gallon storage bag to the edge of the refrigerator and leaped to the floor, dragging the bag with her. Once on the floor it did not take her long (with our assistance) to slice a gash across the width of the bag. Then the fun began.

There are no words to express the joy of a gallon bag of catnip to a pride of housecats. We had a party the likes of which the cottage had never seen. Mommy is never that generous with the catnip. We had struck gold.

We were “passed-out” from catnip overload when our mommy came in to make coffee. At first she looked bewildered as to what in the world was on the floor. The floor was carpeted in catnip, with pretty little marks that looked like waves on a beach caused by our rolling around. Then she saw the empty bag that had held the catnip. “CATS!!!” That was all she said. Just, “Cats!” over and over again. We heard her, but in our catnip induced stupor, we didn’t care.

Mommy cleaned up the catnip which was all over the floor, tracked across the counters and various other places. All the time she kept repeating, “Cats!”

I guess we might be in trouble, but I don’t think so. I’ve heard her telling our human aunt about it and laughing. Mama got on the refrigerator again last night, but Mommy had hid the catnip bags somewhere else. The only thing up there now is Lemon Balm, and we don’t care for that.


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