Cat Toys

By Mommy a.k.a Crazy Cat Lady

Thomas T. is sitting meowing at me with his rather unpleasant, harsh meow. I’m ignoring him and he’s getting louder. I am not going to let him out in the wee hours of the morning. He will just have to use the litter box like everybody else. Meanwhile, Lisa is sitting watching me, next to her food dish. I suppose she wants a midnight snack. Or maybe she wants me to get off the computer so she can spend the rest of the night in my chair. It is her favorite place to sleep.

Maggie Mae is asleep on my bed and the rest are milling around wanting to go to bed. When I go to bed at night there is a period of time with no possible sleep as the cats come in, one-by-one and jockey for their favorite positions. Each has to be petted before settling down, and there is an occasional disagreement as to who will sleep where.

But I was going to write about cat toys. The cats have toys that we and their human friends and family have bought them. However, it seems their favorite toys are those they find or create themselves.

Tigger loves to ‘steal’ the straw from my glass and carry it around the cottage. He will chase it around and usually end up batting it underneath a piece of furniture to be found later when I’m cleaning. His other favorite toy is the elastic pony-tail holders I use to tie back my hair. No matter where I try to hide them, Tigger will find them. He surely has a big stash hidden somewhere in the cottage.

Lisa and Mama will play with strings in unworn sneakers. Precious will as well, but she prefers her Daddy or me to dangle them for her.

Mikey, Amy and Maggie Mae have the same favorite toy: balled up napkins or other paper. Once tossed, it becomes whatever they imagine and the hunt is on.

Amber prefers milk jug rings and other small hard items to bat around.

Thomas rarely plays, he sleeps his days away. Unless he is meowing for something in that tone that reminds us of fingernails on a blackboard.

Thomas T. gave up and has gone off to find a sleeping spot (usually in his Daddy’s wheelchair).

I think I’ll give up too, the cats are insisting I go to bed now.

Blessings from the Cathouse!


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