Tigger’s Misadventure

By Amber

We all laughed at Tigger last night. He likes to sleep on top of Mommy’s dresser hutch. It is very high up and he likes that. When he gets down he either jumps down to the main dresser or over to another dresser she has a short distance away.

Last night, he woke Mommy up. Tigger was mewing and mewing and pacing back and forth on top of the hutch. Mommy asked him what was wrong, but he just kept walking and mewing.

Mommy was wondering what was wrong. Then she saw that we were sleeping in his way. Lisa was asleep in one of the spots where he jumps down and I was in another. Our Mother, Precious, was in the remaining way down. Poor Tigger was unable to get down from his favorite perch!

Once she figured out what was wrong Mommy got up and moved Lisa. (Lisa is still a bit miffed about that, believe me!) Tigger then made his leap and went off toward the kitchen. We figure he needed a snack.

Tonight, Tigger has found a different place to sleep. I suppose he thinks we will trap him again. Of course, not one single kitty is sleeping in his pathways tonight.

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