Amy’s Update

AmyWe had a nice weekend with Mommy and Daddy. A friend of their’s, Robin, came by Saturday. Mikey and I came out and visited with her. She is really nice. She let me climb all over her and laughed when I almost knocked over a lamp.

Tigger is still doing good. He had a hairball on Mommy’s bed this morning. She didn’t even fuss at him! Just cleaned it up. He is still getting special treatment since he was sick so long.

Mommy was in a good mood this weekend, she didn’t even fuss at Mama when she got sick in the kitchen, just cleaned it up. I wonder if she would get mad if I. . ., well, never mind.

Mommy took Daddy to the Mall today. They were gone a couple of hours. We were good kitties and slept most of the time they were gone.

There is a chipmunk working gathering hickory nuts in the front yard. My mother,Precious, and I have been taking turns in the window watching him. He takes them under the front porch, I wonder if Mommy knows he lives under there? Maggie says there are still chipmunks in the back yard too. She watches them out the basement window.

I just wanted to check in and let you all know I have been a good kitty all weekend. But tomorrow is another day. What can I get into? Hmmmm.


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