Mommy Says Tomorrow Is A Sad Day

Our Mommy told us that tomorrow is a sad day. She said thousands of humans died because of differing views that led to terrorist acts. We kitties don’t know what that means. Jay Jay says he doesn’t either.

Jay, Thomas T. and I remember that day. It was a very long time ago for us. We remember Mommy and Daddy watching the television all day. We remember they were sad, and cried. It is very serious to us when Mommy or Daddy cries. Maybe that’s why we remember.

Mommy said she will be lighting candles for all those who lost their lives on 9-11 and for their families. She said she will be praying for them, too. We kitties will stare into the candles and ponder why humans do such mean things to each other. Why they kill each other for no reason.

We love our Mommy and Daddy and I’m sure your pets love you, too. We just don’t understand humans sometimes.

Purrs, Lisa


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