Strange Dog In The House!

IMG_0145Yesterday, it was small humans that Mommy called Great-Grandchildren. Today, it was an old friend that visited Mommy and Daddy and brought a big, huge, brown DOG into the cottage!

We cats thought this was supposed to be the weekend Mommy spent with us working on her writing projects. We were supposed to be able to sit and watch while she wrote. We were going to take it easy. But NO, first little children and then a big dog! We just don’t understand!

It wasn’t so bad for the other cats. They ran and got under the bed. I was trapped under the end table in the living room and the dog was between me and our hiding places. So, I crouched down behind the table and mewed at Mommy.

The dog belongs to a friend of Mommy and Daddy and is OK as dogs go. I mean, it lay down on the floor and was very polite to everyone. Finally, Thomas T. came out and sniffed noses with it. Amber and Amy slipped out and took  peek, they wanted to see how big it was. We are used to Jay Jay and he is much smaller than us. This dog was part lab, and much, much bigger than Jay Jay. Jay is afraid of it too, by the way, and sat in Daddy’s lap and grrr’ed at it while it was here.

Things calmed down again after Sandra and the monster dog left. We all came out of hiding and cuddled up on the couch with Mommy to watch her write. We all hope it is a peaceful day tomorrow with no reasons to go hide. But you can never tell what might happen in the Cathouse.

Purrs, Mikey.


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  1. Mikey,

    Remember, not all dogs are bad. They just look scary. I learned my lesson the hard way. I like to chase cats. I do not want to hurt them. When I was young, I chased my elderly, kitty sister, Pepper. She did not take to kindly to this game and left me with lots of injuries. I could not believe a seven pound kitty could do that much damage to my 125 pound furry body. Actually, it was my nose she ripped to shreds. I admit it is still fun to chase, but you have to be careful. The monsters are embedded in the claws.
    Woofs and Wags,

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