Small Humans



I did not know humans came in small sizes! I have only been around Mommy and Daddy and their friends, who are mostly the same size. Yesterday, some new people came to visit. Mommy said it was her granddaughter and her family. That’s all fine, but two of them were little.

I had to leave my favorite nap spot in the bathroom and go hide under the bed with the other cats. It sure gets crowded when we are all under there! The small humans made a lot of noise. They ran through the cottage as fast as we do, and wanted to pick us up and pet us. Well, we were having none of that and kept our distance.

We cats were happy they spent most of their time outside on the porch and in the garden’s. It was just too much stress for us. I mean, most of the time our biggest problems are staying out from under Daddy’s wheelchair wheels and not making Jay Dog mad at us.

We were happy when they left and things got calmer. Mommy and Daddy stayed happy and excited about the visit for the rest of the day. That’s fine too, but we were glad when they left.

– Amber



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2 responses to “Small Humans

  1. I have been trying to read all your posts… have come till this one… its 1 AM here… I want to read more…. will catch up again next weekend…

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