Nine Cats Talking At Once – Oh My!

Tigger. . .

I just wanted to thank everyone for their thoughts and prayers while I’ve been sick. A special thanks to Sitka, I know you have to go to the vet a lot too, and understand how awful it can be to be left there. Right now I am feeling better. My surgery boo-boo is healing up and Mommy is not chasing me around to give me medicine all the time. Thank you all again. Purrs to you all…

Maggie Mae. . .

I have been really busy hunting. The crickets like it around the back door and when Mommy goes out sometimes they hop in. I chase them all around until I catch them. Then I bring them to Mommy or Daddy as a gift. They brag on me and tell me I’m a good hunter.

Mikey. . .

I have been spending most of my time under the comforter, sleeping. I’ve got this nap thing down to a fine art. It isn’t like I nap all the time. I spend some of my time in Mommy’s lap. I think it is great fun to use my tail to knock her glasses off into her lap. She doesn’t think its funny, not after the second or third time. All the tomatoes are gone, and the only toy she brings in from the garden are cherry peppers. Believe me, they are not good toys. I learned that they burn when you bite them with my very first try.

Amy. . .

I’ve been in trouble for scratching the hardwood floor. I’ve been in trouble for knocking things off the kitchen counter and making them break on the floor. I’ve been in trouble for jumping on Daddy while he slept and waking him up. (Scared him really bad.) And that’s just today! Gotta go, there’s so much more to do (read that: trouble to get into).

Thomas T.. . .

I have spent the day out on the front porch in a rocking chair. Mommy had a holiday from work today, so she was busy inside and I decide to get out of the way. Besides, it has gotten cooler so the porch is comfortable. Sometimes it is just so relaxing to get away from it all. Some of the neighborhood cats got into a fight behind the cottage. I started to go see who was winning, but Mommy called me back. Other than that, it has been pretty uneventful for me. I like that.

Amber. . .

I have been spending most of my time sleeping on the commode lid in the bathroom (Mommy and Daddy always put it down for me). The rest of my naps I take on the back of the couch. I am not as into running and playing as my two sisters. They get into trouble and I try to be a good girl. I haven’t really been doing much to tell about, well I do walk on the keyboard at night, but nobody is really sure its me or one of my sisters.

Mama. . .

I have been pretty good this week. I’ve spent a lot of my time sleeping downstairs, not an easy task when Maggie decides to chase a cricket. Maggie didn’t tell you she has learned out how to get into the dropped ceiling. Boy, is Mommy going to be mad. I can’t wait!

Precious. . .

I have been sitting in the front windows most of the time since I talked to you last. I’ve been worried about my son, Tigger. He seems to be doing OK now. I like to watch the humming birds from my window. There are a lot of them out there these days. Mommy says they are getting ready to fly south. I don’t care about that, I just like to watch them.

Lisa. . .

I have been watching Maggie Mae and Amy get into trouble, and Mommy make all those trips to Dr. Kevin’s office with Tigger. I try to spend as much time near Mommy as I can. She pets me a lot and tells me what a good little girl I am. I have a new favorite flavor of cat food, trout. Yummy. Mommy still has not made a new video of me talking. I will have to sweet talk her into it I suppose.

Jay Jay. . .

Ha, I knew I could get a word in if I waited long enough. These cats have been worrying Mommy to death. I have been a good doggie and have tried my best to please her and Daddy every single day. I’m quite the politician when necessary. The UPS man brought Mommy some books yesterday. He saw me and brought me some little bitty doggie bones. I like my UPS man! I like it when Mommy or Daddy reads those books. They sit real still and I can snuggle up next to them while they read.

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One response to “Nine Cats Talking At Once – Oh My!

  1. Sitka votes for Tigger! And, yes I understand your pain, Tigger. I have to visit the vet tomorrow. Mom found a raw and yucky place in my ear. She is not sure if I have an ear infection or an allergy. Tomorrow we will find out. At least this time I do not have to have surgery or go back to those “special” doctors who do not understand me. I like my own doctors that live in the country and have my picture on their office wall. They realize how special I am and treat me with love and respect. They are loving to all furry friends, not just me. You gotta love a vet that talks to us rather than our human parents.
    Woofs and Wags,

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